Thinning Hair – Thin Hair Solutions

If you have hair that became thin:

  1. Look closely on the product that you use to wash your hair. Use organic shampoos that do not contain sulfates (sodium laureth sulfate, ammonium sulfate). This agressive  substances can clean your hair really good, but they are very harsh on scalp. If you have issues with hair like hair loosing sulfate shampoos can make the situation worse. Try using baby shampoo or organic shampoo. Which one to use? Check out these shampoos. Non sulfate shampoos foam badly, use a conditioner afterwards.
  2. Do not color your hair more often than once a month, prefer organic dyes.
  3. Use vitamin complexes for women. They contain all vital vitamins and minerals for hair nails and teeth. It is important to eat food that contains tyrosine, you can find it in almonds, bananas, dairy products, sesame and pumpkin seeds.
  4. Use ready and homemade hair and scalp masks regulary.
  5. In cold weather always hide your hair, do not allow overcooling.
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