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Be a brat, deal with a kid who tries to be bad*ss.

I only played a part in this, most of it is karma.

My mom and dad come from abusive families, they’ve been runaways, homeless, abused, anything and everything, but mostly everything.

So they raised my sister and I like angels, giving us everything they could so we didn’t feel the pain they had.

Then, mom and dad go out driving and find a woman, homeless, with three kids. One’s an adult, tall guy (calling him A), another is ~12 (calling him N), and the last one is no older than 10 (calling him C). Mom slows to a stop, asks her what she’s doing, how she ended up, blah blah blah.

Dad and mom always taught us that if we chat with someone who’s homeless, get their story then get them food – don’t send them drug money, you know the deal.

Mom and dad find out her husband killed himself, and she’s all alone – no family, no friends, nothing – so they offer her some food and maybe the couch or air mattress to sleep on for a few days.

She introduces herself, but let’s call her H.

She cries, we comfort her, it’s a tough situation. I never dealt with suicide, but I have felt some bad stuff myself once before, and the only death I’ve experienced had been a 70+ year old family friend who went out peacefully.

I was ‘pure’, you could say, since my family cut off anything and anyone who was only going to hurt us. Didn’t mean we didn’t get hurt, though.

H cries and cries and cries.

She and her three kids hang out with us for a while, I make fast friends with N, but things get sketchy fast.

C is an absolute d*ck. Always throws a tantrum if he gets left out.

I’m around N’s age by then, so I didn’t to hang out with ‘stupid little kids’. D*ck move on my part, but I’m like, 12.

He was the spoiled little boy of the family. He always got what he wanted, but he threw a fit to get it. He kept crying that N and I were being unfair.

I swear, if we were playing basketball, he’d cry because he got picked last, and there were only two coaches with one super tall adult-kid (A) that everyone wanted first.

About a week in, far longer than we thought they would be staying, C gets in trouble. Took his mom’s phone, stayed in the bathroom for hours, I had to call my dad because I really had to pee, and walks out.

I see him with the phone and assume he was playing video games.

Mom yells at him a few minutes later, screaming.


He keeps saying he doesn’t know. He doesn’t know, he doesn’t know, he doesn’t know.


He keeps saying he doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

She shouts and shouts and shouts, then breaks the news.


Sister tries not to laugh, A does the same, dad is in shock, N is holding his breath and shaking while trying not to make noise or laugh.

We all know what RedTube is. We’ve all watched porn, even if we were underage. We all know the weird sh*t that goes online. We’ve all hit puberty early.

I, acting innocent instead of tired of C’s sh*t, pipe in with some good news and tips.

“I saw him leave the bathroom with it earlier. He was in there forever, and he clogged the toilet with toilet paper.”

C looks mortified, and H starts screaming even more.

Sister and dad start doing the thing where they pretend to cough into their fist but are actually trying not to laugh, A nearly loses it, and N has to walk out because he’s going to burst into giggles soon.

C is still an absolute f*ckwad afterwards, though. He’s just a jerk that way.

C likes to make fun of my special interest(s), even though it’s kinda obvious I’m autistic.

C also has a huge crush on me, someone who absolutely hates him. He apparently never got the talk of “it’s not okay to be a bully”, or he just heard “if a boy is mean to a girl, he likes her” from his mom.

I, however, am pretty aware of myself. I’ve had girlfriends.

Nothing serious, just hand-holding or a kiss on the cheek.

Clearly, though, C just thought that it was impossible.

I told him that I like girls various times, I’m a lesbian.

“Well, I don’t know what that is.”

“It means I don’t like boys.”

“So? That doesn’t mean you like girls.”

“But I just said I only like girls.”

“You’re being really rude and unfair right now.”

And so on, and so forth.

He’d throw fits if I do so much as not look at him.

So I was proud of my little part in karma with the RedTube incident.

Anyways, the second thing I’ve done to p*ss him off and ruin his time here was hang out with literally anyone but him.

I realized he hated being ignored – H always babied him and paid attention to him.

So I always walked away once he started talking to me, or just talked to A, N, sister, H, dad, or mom if he tried to say something. I kept interrupting him.

Mom and dad told me I was being rude, but brushed it off because, well, I’m a ‘low functioning autistic’. Or at least I was back then. I was never good with social cues, either.

C, though. He likes to throw fits that get violent.

He bit H, he kicked N, he even grabbed at my sister’s hair once or twice.

My family? We don’t deal with b*tches. Especially ones that hurt us.

So, me being the ever-so-precious child who can ‘do no evil’, I corner C. Mom, dad, and H are out, sister is in her room, N is playing games on his DS, and A is in charge but not paying attention – he’s probably on the porch smoking pot.

So we have this set of stairs, semi-spiral, that lead to my sister and I’s bedrooms. Along with a bathroom that was never fully constructed and a storage room. Storage room lacks a door, filled with boxes. Bathroom is filled with dad’s work tools (used to work in construction) and stuff, so it’s always blocked off so my sister and I don’t trip and get our hands or heads chopped off with a rusty saw or something.

C likes to sneak upstairs, despite mom and dad being very obvious with “Nobody upstairs except sister and Anon”. C does it to p*ss everyone off.

Sometimes my dad, when mom and H are out, lets N or A hang out in the hallway upstairs, but he always keeps an eye on them, even if my sister and I are lesbians and are obvious and out of the closet. He never lets C upstairs because, well, C is a d*ck. He would find a way to make something terrible. That, and three people (not including me if I’m hanging out with N and/or A) clog up a three foot wide hallway pretty easily.

By now I’m 13, N is still 12, A is probably either 18 or 19, and C is 11.

Anyways, C sneaks upstairs. My sister’s door is broken, the knob is all f*cked so we had it removed, so she can’t lock or shut her door properly.

My room has a lock, which I always keep locked, even when sleeping, due to such high anxiety.

I have the most obvious set of DS games, and C rarely gets to play on N’s DS, he usually steals it. My sister doesn’t play on her DS often, and she doesn’t show off her own games.

C always gets mad if I tell N, A, or H that he stole N’s DS, or when I refuse to let him borrow my games.

N has the decency to pout then give up if I don’t let him play, and A has the politeness to just say he understands or tells the other two off. H*ll, even sister knows how untrustworthy C is.

My light’s off, since I’m just lying down in bed and playing on the computer, but then I see a shadow under my door.

There’s a window on the far side of the hall, right next to the stairs, which is usually covered with a blanket. Either way, when the time strikes, light just flutters through anyways.

I freeze, thinking it’s just my sister, and I slowly try to calm down.

The doorknob jiggles.

My sister always knocks or sends me a message saying that she wants in, or just talks through the door. She never tries the knob.

I hold my breath, and the doorknob shakes a bit more, before I hear a hushed, angry noise.

I recognize who this whiny brat is.

I sneak over as he continues to fiddle with the knob, trying to force it open somehow, and grab a flashlight nearby. It’s just a little reading light, but it’s bright and has this ‘strobe’ light mode. It basically flashes like crazy.

You have to hit the button twice, which is loud, for it to flash, but I’m prepared.

After he pulls away again, I unlock the door, and wait for him to try again.

He tries once more, opening it, and I turn on the light, pressing the button twice.

He’s basically blinded, so I grab him by the collar, trying to act all tough.

You know how kids act.

I basically tell him to f*ck off, then slam the door, lock it, and cry out of nerves.

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