Petty Revenge Stories

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Sure, I’ll get you some water…

This story happened way back in July and was told to me by a friend, who said I was welcome to post it. It’s a bit long, but there’s a TL;DR at the end.

My friend, we’ll call him Zack, was going out with a girl whom we’ll call Jen. Jen was nice to him, but apparently she decided Zack wasn’t the guy for her. Rather than break up with him, she just kept stringing him along while she started seeing other guys on the side. Zack eventually found out (he didn’t elaborate on how, I assume she just let word slip or he ran into one of her other boyfriends), and tried to keep a cool head over it. He broke up with Jen immediately, and she proceeded to cry crocodile tears over him “breaking her heart” to get sympathy from her friends.

Of course, since Jen had wanted to break up with him anyway but didn’t want to face him, she got over it quickly. As in, two days later she asked him if he could do her a favor; she was going on a camping trip over the coming weekend with one of her other boyfriends and could he stop by the store in the next couple days to pick her up a pack of bottled water? Zack begrudgingly agreed. Revenge wasn’t on his mind, until he mentioned this to one of his own friends. Word spread throughout his social circle that Jen cheated on him and then asked for this favor… and, well, it was only a matter of time before someone in that circle suggested revenge.

The plan was simple. Rather than just not buy the water, Zack went and bought it, brought it home, and carefully opened it. He took every bottle out and doled them out to his various friends who were in on it. They all took their bottles home, emptied them, and over the next couple days before Jen’s camping trip, filled the bottles back up with their own piss. They then brought the bottles back to Zack, who put them back into their plastic wrapping while leaving little trace it had ever been opened; he texted Jen to tell her he’d stop by with the bottles the morning before they left.

Zack came by the next day just as Jen and her boyfriend were packing. He kept a friendly smile, loaded the water in, said he hoped they have fun, waved goodbye. And as soon as they were out of sight, he nearly doubled over laughing in the driveway. His water, erm, ‘substitute’ was all they had brought to drink besides a few cans of beer and a thermos of coffee.

He started receiving some nasty texts from Jen a few hours later, but just blocked her number. Apparently they drove two hours to the campsite, unpacked everything, and only then discovered the issue with their water. They were far from anywhere they could buy more, and they had to abandon their plans. A weekend camping trip ruined and a whole morning wasted because you thought it was alright to cheat? Serves you right. I hope they didn’t notice until they had taken a sip.

TL;DR: Girl cheats on guy and pretends to be heartbroken when he breaks up with her. She later asks him to pick her up some water for a camping trip with her new boyfriend. He gets a bunch of water bottles and fills them with piss. She doesn’t realize until she gets to the campsite after a two-hour drive and has to come back and cancel her plans.

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