Revenge Stories

Hello! Please read these 6 petty revenge stories and vote each of them, your vote will help me to determine which post(s) will be published on the Tumblr blog. Thanks for your time and help :)

Do it right the first time.

So I work at a halloween store where there’s obviously costumes in those little plastic bags with hooks at the top and the picture description card inside. Each of these little cards folds at the top to hold the costume in the bag, which makes storing them easier.

I’m working the bag room, stocking and the likes, and there’s this little F*cker(LF) working fitting rooms. Store policy is that you take the costume pieces out, as an employee, and give the customer just the main body piece of the costume. When they leave, you stuff it back in the bag. LF decides “hey it’s easier to put this in upside down for me.” but it make sit harder on everyone else. We look stupid handing out packaging upside down, they fall out more easily, and someone else has to fix it. So each stocker throughout the day notices and tells him to stop because we’ve ended up with costumes on the floor and angry customers. Each stocker gets angrier and angrier as we tell him because he smuggle replies “It’s easier this way”

Step in my Fav Team Lead.

She sees the mess. “I hate him anyway. Pile every messed up one to the side and he can do it later.”

End of the day he comes back to a pile of 34 and leaves very late and angry and is late to a supposed date.

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