Petty Revenge Stories

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Stop bowling like that

It was my final year of high school before I got senioritis. I had bowling class. After bowling class was over, I walked out of the bowling alley, got in the school bus, and sat on my seat. There was another student sitting across from me on the right side. I was minding my own business when I heard her talking about some man, who was standing in front of the building. Out of nowhere, this b*tch makes an offensive comment/joke directed at me. I just looked at her, and she has a stupid smile on her face. B*tch! I never did anything to you. That comment disgusted me. (B for b*tch) I did not know any comeback. I ignored the hell out of her. I’m not gonna say what the joke was.

I go home with that comment in my head. Days later, I am at the bowling alley. I noticed that B would frequently shoot her bowling ball in the air, letting the ball crash on the lane like she did not give a f*ck. She could have hit the ceiling. She bowled like this for days. I was waiting for the P.E. teacher to say something. B did it one more time. The teacher calls her out and yells at her. He told her to put her bowling ball back on the rack. She walks away from the lanes with her bowling ball, looking pissed. I’m laughing in my head. I guess the teacher did not say anything to her earlier because he thought she would stop bowling like that. B got what she deserved. I did not do anything to her after that.

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