Revenge Stories

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kids being kids which is code for annoying as f*ck

I was driving home from work the other day and its been pretty snowy around where i live atm, I’m driving about 50ft behind the car in front because conditions are icy and I’m not a barbarian, just as we pass through a quaint village we drive past a family walking by the road, two adults two kids the adults are ahead by approx 20ft not keeping an eye on their kids (the kids both looking about 8 years old), when i see the kids pick up snowballs and throw them at the car in front of me. Now i know its not shocking but its just not good etiquette if my mum saw me doing that when i was a kid she would have murdered me dead and wrapped my stringy carcass around a lamp post for a ferrel cat to come and chew on my spine so to see the so called elders in front seemingly unawares ground my gears. My heckles raised more as i was about to drive past the family and realised the kids were bending over to throw some more snow balls at my car, it took me about 0.5 seconds to realise that stopping the car, getting out and shouting at them was never going to be the right way to deal with the issue they’d probably do the crocodile tears and all that crap and tbh who has time i really couldn’t be arsed so just as i passed them i decided to simply and effectively honk my horn. Not only did it make them jump and miss the throw (aha lamo’s)but the parents turned around at the exact time and hopefully gave them a rollocking for being the little sh*ts that they are, outsmarting 8 year olds doesn’t sound that satisfying but let me tell you, it is.

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