Revenge Stories

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Hinder my work? Get a F then.

So this was near the end of my freshmen year, year 9 for others, I was taking biology and it was the last project of the year. It was about an egg and osmosis. The girl I was working with was A and she was…..childish, would be the best word for it. She doesn’t like me and the same is true vesversa. now A threw a fit about working with me while I wanted to get it over with. She threw fits every day the class worked. A would pester and interrupt what I was doing. A already was on my shit list by being a theif and an entitled bitch to myself and my friends. So the pettiness comes in in that the teacher Mr. B said that the first name he sees is the name that gets credit. the numbers were on my paper and I reminded her that he said that and she shriged so I thought fine she gets a f then. So I turned it on and later she asked me about it and I said to not throw fits anymore like a 2 year old.

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