Revenge Stories

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He deserved so much more

So I was an assistant stage manager on a show. A close friend of mine who I grew up with was the lead in this show. Her boyfriend is the manager and dame in the show. Two other mutual friends were backstage with me.

To put it quickly, the comic of the show sexually assaulted my friend, the lead, in her own bed.
We obviously do not stand for that.

The comic had lost a lot of weight in order to fly on the “jet pack” we had a a special effect in the show. He’s pretty sensitive about his weight.
Also during the show he must eat an apple.

Day after she told us what happened, I bought the apples required for the shows.
Apple one was thrown down the backstage stairs
Apple two was greased
Apple three was bruised to hell
And Apple four was a cooking Apple

Next, the costume girl took in his two costumes so they look a little too tight. We subtly point this out whenever we get a chance

Then, we tightened the belt on the jet pack so that it’s a little harder to do up each time

Finally, in order for the Jet pack to move there must be a safety pulled or it won’t move and you just get a wedgie and squashed genitals. The safety was never pulled correctly again….

He had the worst four shows of his life and he deserved so much more.

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