How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster?

Can you really make your hair grow faster? The answer is no. The speed of growing is on your genes. But because of different factors our hair does not grow with its maximum speed. If you eliminate things that slow down hair growth, hair will grow faster.

Grow Hair Faster

What factors slow down hair growth?

Nutrition is a basic thing for every growth process. Manage balanced diet, full with vitamins and minerals needed for hair. The best products for hair growth are fat kinds of fish, nuts, fruits and vegetables, dairy products. If it is hard for you to maintain balanced diet – try beauty vitamins for women. Such vitamin and mineral complexes already contain all vital vitamins and minerals for hair, nails and teeth health. Generally eat good and drink enough water.


Wrong Hair Care

Wrong hair care. It is very important to find out your scalp and hair type and take proper hair care. Find out your scalp and hair type easily with this table.

Wrong Shampoos

Use organic shampoos. They can seriously increase hair growth speed as your scalp will be healthy and healthy scalp produces healthy hair.

Water Quality

Wash your hair with clean water or boiled tap water. Do not irritate scalp with chemicals from tap water.


Do not overcool hair and scalp in cold time of the year. Wear a hat.

Illnesses and Medicines

Certain illnesses and medicines cause dramatic hair loss. If you use drugs or have been on antibiotics due to an illness, this can be the reason for loosing hair. In a few months, after your medication course is over, you will probably get lost hair back. Hair loss can start even after you finish taking medication or have been cured from an illness because your body recovers slowly. Very few types of hair loss products have a real hair regrowth effect. According to hair structure, if a hair follicle dies, it dies. No cosmetic product can make it live again. The best you can do is try to save the living follicles that you have left.
Human hair can actually show everything that happens in the body. Hair laboratories can say exactly when you have been sick, under a lot of stress, and had a bad diet among other things. Your hair structure changes on such occasions. It becomes thinner or thicker, changes color, or becomes weaker or stronger. Stress affects your hair. It makes it fall out, become lifeless, or become gray. You must find a way to decrease your stress levels if it affects your hair, and you do not want to lose it forever.


Homemade hair masks for hair growth.

Take one onion and mince it, apply the onion mass on roots, wear a shower hat and a warm hat or towel over it. Wait one hour then wash with shampoo. Repeat weekly for 2-3 months.

Onion Hair Mask

Mustard Mask

Apply fresh mustard on roots, wear a shower hat and a warm hat or towel over it. Wait 30 minutes then wash with shampoo. Repeat weekly for 2-3 months.

Hair Growing Mask

Mix 1 egg yellow, 1 small spoon of bur oil, 1 small spoon of castor oil and 1 small spoon of aloe juice. Apply to hair roots, wear a shower hat and a warm hat or towel over it. Wait one hour then wash with shampoo. Repeat weekly for 2-3 months.

Pepper Mask

Mix 1tbsp of pepper tincture, 1tbsp of warm castor oil, 1tbsp of hair conditioner. Apply to hair roots, wear a shower hat and a warm hat or towel over it. Wait one-two hours then wash with shampoo. Repeat weekly for 2-3 months. Apply liquid vitamin E (sold in pharmacies) to hair roots.

Other Tips

It is better to cut hair with hot scissors, this technology seals hair and prevents it from splitting.

Rinse hair with nettle decoction after shampoo.

Have hair cuts on growing moon time. This is an old secret of growing long hair.

They say that if your stylist has “light hand» hair will grow faster after his (her) work. Remember that average speed of growing is 1 cm per month. Per year usually hair grow 10-12cm. Every type of hair has it is genetic length. How long will your hair grow maximum you can check here.

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